Nyc Accounts Payable Negotiations Management Survive A Temporary Cash Crunch And Reduce Your Debt Burden

Is your company suffering a temporary cash crunch brought on by too much trade debt?

Are you spending more time on the phone with creditors than with customers?

Is your cash flow behind your collections?

Are you up to your available credit line and still need more cash?

Our accounts payable negotiation specialist will come into your company and work with you one-on-one to resolve your debts and problems. We start by contacting your vendors and creating a settlement program (a repayment plan) that works; one that will give you the time you need to reactivate goods and services flowing.

We can help your company:

Enhance liquidity by delaying debt.
Renew vendor trust.
Improve your cash position (short-term).
Restore your credit.
Avoid liquidation.
NYC Trade Debt Specialists have helped over 100 companies in financial difficulty survive a cash crunch by managing and restructuring debt.

Here's how our 4-Phase Payable Negotiation Plan works

Phase 1

We develop a cash flow plan to determine exactly what our cash posi tion is on a weekly basis.

Phase 2

Once we know what’s needed, we develop a vendor moratorium; a plan you approve to present to your vendors.

Phase 3

We contact your vendors and negotiate new payment terms on your behalf. 

Phase 4

We establish a more favorable payable approach so you can turn negative into positive cash flow. Then we continue to monitor the first payment cycle.

Call NEW YORK CREDIT'S Trade Debt specialists

NEW YORK CREDIT can help you survive a temporary cash crunch and get back on the road to long-term profitability by using your payable as a bridge over a rough period in your business.

Don't allow debt to ruin your company, allow New York Credit to save it. Why Bankers and clients return to New York Credit.

Cost Affordable.
We're part-time and hands-on.
Keep borrowers out of bankruptcy.
We give 3rd party creditability to the AR & AP departments of borrowers.