Rent a Credit Department



There’s more to managing a credit operation than making a few collec- tion calls. NEW YORK CREDIT Accounts Receivables Management is a total approach to managing receivables that can increase cash flow, reduce bad debts, improve the quality of your receivables and give your business clout with the bank.
Our Credit Specialist comes to your company on a consultation basis, organizes and establishes an accounts receivable system that can make you money, and streamline your collection process.

How Do You Know If You Need Receivables Management?
Put your company to the test.

11 Questions of Credit.

1. Is your credit department costing you more and getting you less?

2. Do you find your cash flow becoming tighter each month?

3. Is it difficult to meet your payable on schedule?

4. Are your accounts receivables extended farther than normal?

5. Do you know your customer’s current payment capabilities?

6. Is your sales volume decreasing?

7. Do you find that your sales department is being alienated from your credit department?

8. Is your bad debt ratio increasing?

9. Do you know how to properly select or use a collection agency?

10. Do you know what credit insurance is?

11. Is your cost for money too high?

If you answered YES to more than 1/2 the questions, perhaps it’s time for NEW YORK CREDIT

Now put your receivables aging to the 5 and 10 test.
Turn to the last page of your Accounts Receivable Aging (MUST BE MONTH END) the total dollars owed in the 60 day column should not exceed 5% of your total AIR dollars.


Next – Check the 90 day column, the total dollars owed in the 90 day column should not exceed 10% of your total AIR. We call this the 5 & 10 Rule!

Here’s what New York Credit will do:

– Review your customers’ accounts and establish credit guidelines.
– Identify problem accounts and establish personal and direct
– Establish definite collection procedures.
– Charge Backs and Reconciliation.
– Review and consult all phases of sales, terms and policies.
– Train in-house personnel.
– Recommend and provide credit insurance, if necessary.
– Provide emergency phone service- so you can get help anytime you need it.

Your customers never know we’re there

NEW YORK CREDIT is invisible to your customers. All our services are provided on your premises – as part of your business – and we work under your name. Your customers will never know we’re there.

No long-term contracts

We make it easy to use NEW YORK CREDIT. All our services are provid- ed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Usually 1 day a week is all it takes to get your receivables under control. You pay only for the services you use. There are no long-term contracts. We stay as long as you need us and you can terminate our relationship at any time for any reason.

Reasons for Hire

1. Not happy with your present Credit Department
2. You are a start-up company
3. Employees are on vacation, or maternity leave
4. You have no Credit Department

We can provide the credit expertise you need to improve yoter cash position and strengthen your company