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Take Control of Your Company’s Cash Flow

Improve your cash position in as little as 120 days with New York Credit’s full-service cash management plan.

“Unlock” the Hidden Cash Potential in Your Business

NEW YORK CREDIT has been helping middle-market companies improve cash flow since 1979. Its founder Eric Shaw, an asset-based lender and credit analyst, discovered how to tap the cash in key areas of a business balance sheet. He developed a simple plan to “unlock” those hidden sources of cash through sound management practices.

A Complete Package of Cash Flow Management Services

You’ll find our complete package of New York Credit Cash Flow Management Services described in this brochure. These services have helped hundreds of companies implement a cash management strategy:

  • The “Rent-A-Credit Department”
  • Trade Debt Management
  • Business and Cash Flow Plans
  • Liquidations/State Court Appointed Receivers
  • Collateral Review Examinations
  • “Rent-An-Asset Based Lending and Factoring Department”




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