Cash Flow and Business Plans


1. Sometimes the only difference between a healthy business and one that’s struggling is a sound financial plan.
2. NEW YORK CREDIT provides both long & short-term cash flow business plans.


A cash flow plan provides companies with an overall strategy for cash management – with the primary objective of maximizing cash inflow and minimizing cash outflow.

  • When does your company need a cash flow plan?
  • Is your cash flow tight?
  • Are you up to the limit on your line of credit?
  • Are your receivables turning slower each month?
  • Are you having a hard time meeting your vendor payments?
  • If you answered “yes,” you need a NYC cash flow plan.
  • Do you know your daily cash position on any given day?
  • Do you have a plan for resolving problem loans?
  • Can you make inform, sound business decisions based on the most current available informa- tion about your company?

If you answered “no,” you need a NYC cash flow plan.
Here’s what NEW YORK CREDIT can do for your company:
Increase Cash Intake

New York Credit will:
– Analyze your company’s present source of cash.
– Identify areas where collections can be increased.
– Identify key asses which can be readily converted to cash.
– We will prepare a detailed analysis of best, likely and worst case scenarios for total cash inflows.

Minimize Cash Outflow

We identify:
– Semi-fixed costs such as notes payable, leases, payroll taxes, etc.
– Variable cost, such as payroll, vendors etc.
– Areas where expenses can be reduced.
– Prepare an Operating Budget
– We incorporate a plan of action to increase cash receipts and decrease cash disbursements into a detailed operating budget to help management achieve key goals and objectives.
Operating budgets are provided:
– Weekly/Daily – allowing close monitoring of a companies cash flow.
– Monthly-providing information for inclusion into monthly financial statement. Quarterly-allowing management to review progress on a medium range term Annually-enabling management to communicate long-term goals to banks, vendors and potential investors.


A NEW YORK CREDIT business plan provides a long-term strategy for growth and profitability.
It also helps management identify key objectives and target specific areas for growth.

Who needs a business plan?
– Entrepreneurs who lack the financial expertise to turn their vision into reality.
– Companies who are short-handed on financial expertise.
– Companies that need to show a banker where they’ll be in one… two… or five years.
– NEW YORK CREDIT provides solutions through planning

We’ve been helping manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and service companies nationwide improve their cash position since 1979. We’ve got a track record to prove it…and we’re cost effective.

Why banks like New York Credit Cash Flow and Business Plans

– We provide third party credibility.
– We provide planned loan placement
– We can improve the cash flow position of borrowers accounts which improves loan performance.
– We’re cost effective and affordable.
– We are hands on.