Allow NEW YORK CREDIT to Reconcile
Your Disputed and Problem Accounts

Collecting on your company’s disputed and problem invoices can bring much needed cash back into your business and is essential to reporting accurately when it’s time for your accountant to produce your financials. But the reconciliation of chargebacks and problem accounts is extremely labor intensive, and many companies do not have the personnel necessary to complete these tasks. 


NEW YORK CREDIT can save your business time and bring in more money to your business by managing this crucial but often neglected aspect of accounts receivable collections.

We will:


  • Attack your company’s largest unpaid invoices first.

  • Attack short-pays and misapplied funds next.

  • Develop an effective rapport with your customers that is vital to collecting on disputed or missed invoices.

  • Correspond with your customers at least two times to ensure the validity of outstanding invoices.

  • Collect and transmit shipping documents, purchase orders and previous customer payments with remittance advice to prove to your customers they owe you money.

  • Use our specialized TRACKING FORM to streamline the follow-up process. 

  • Use our tracking form as a reporting tool to the client—your customers review it and respond.

  • Check to ensure no billing problems exist on your end and work with your sales department to remedy any such problems for re-bill and collection purposes.


NEW YORK CREDIT can manage your company’s chargebacks and reconciliations,
and we can train your staff to complete these tasks more effectively in the future.