The Game of Credit
Managing Your Accounts Receivable for Profit!

by Eric Shaw

The old adage "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game" may be all right for sports, but in the credit game there is no doubt that how you play the game decides whether you win or lose. If you don't play correctly, if you don't understand the rules, if you don't use the right tools, and if you don't hire the right people, you cannot win-which means what you lose is your business.


The Game of Credit was written to teach businesses how to play the game correctly by setting up a detailed credit plan, which in the end will enhance your cash flow and improve your collateral base. As each chapter unfolds, you will learn the right tools to use and how to hire the right people. The book will teach you in a user friendly way a thorough understanding of the rules of The Game of Credit. Anyone can play the game. With the proper strategy and fine execution coupled with a little smarts, YOU TOO CAN WIN THE GAME.


  • "A must book if you have accounts receivable." —J. Eig, Specialty Items

  • "If you are in business for profit, you need The Game of Credit." —D. Everitt, Everitt & Ray, Co.

  • "Managing credit in the 90s without The Game of Credit is like going fishing without bait." —R. Pulone, Sunset Fireplace

  • "For someone who cannot balance a checkbook, I found this book to be user friendly." —M. A. Kirby, Business Woman

  • "If you borrow against your accounts receivable, this book is for you." —E. Breilman, Cash Mgmt Co.

Championship Networking

by Eric Shaw

Excerpts from Championship Networking by Eric Shaw:


"Everyone you encounter is a door to another level. You must always look beyond. [The] insurance person who introduced me to his brother…was a door directly responsible for several million dollars to my bottom line."


"Most people treat networking casually. Remember, this is business. Treat it as such. Develop objectives and implement periodic performance reviews. Make sure you have an endgame, and always move forward toward the desired result."


"The greatest misconception about networking is that you are selling, and as a result there is something phony about the whole endeavor. If you feel this way, you will come across this way. This is a primary reason to change not only your perspective, but your approach." 


"A true champion networker creates opportunity, and then seizes it for mutual gain. You will see those words often in these pages: mutual gain, or mutual benefit."


"I have been fortunate-the result of years of hard work, sacrifice, and breaks. By far, I have received my biggest breaks by networking."

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