NEW YORK CREDIT Can Manage and Collect Your Financial Institution's Hard-to-Collect Loans


We Can Take the “Problem” Out of Your Problem Loans

Time is of the essence for any financial institution holding a problem loan, and only prompt implementation of the necessary corrective actions will provide your institution with optimal results. NEW YORK CREDIT expedites the process by first identifying specific problems, then acting as an outsourced negotiations agent and finally taking recovery actions to expedite practical solutions to problem loan management and collections.


Outsource Your Problem Loan Management


NEW YORK CREDIT can help your financial institution collect on problem loans through our comprehensive problem loan management service. NEW YORK CREDIT serves your financial institution by temporarily stepping into various management roles with the aim of collecting on problem loans. We can temporarily take over the role of your:


  • Credit Department Manager

  • Finance Director

  • (Interim) Chief Financial Officer

  • (Interim) CEO

  • Chief Turnaround Officer

  • Chief Restructuring Officer

  • Receiver


On behalf of your financial institution and under the direction of your management team, NEW YORK CREDIT can act as an outsourced agent to monitor, report on, and advise on your borrowers’ progress. Negotiations and monitoring may involve any (or all) of the following:


  • Financial Statements

  • Management Reports

  • Business Drivers

  • Market assessment

  • Management Assessment


NEW YORK CREDIT’s problem loan management specialist develops and prepares any (or all) of the following management tools as part of its action plan as an outsourced collections negotiations agent for your financial institution:


  • Short-term Cash Budgets

  • Cost Reduction Strategies/Outsourcing

  • Cash Flow Assessment/Optimization

  • Tactical Business Plans

  • Restructuring Plans

  • Management Reports

  • Financial Projections

  • Strategic Business Plans



NEW YORK CREDIT, on behalf of your financial institution, will then apply our practical financial solutions in collecting and managing your problem loans. The range of services NEW YORK CREDIT offers includes:


  • Accounts Receivable Collection 

  • Inventory Disposition

  • Debt Restructuring

  • Debt Refinancing

  • Alternative Debt Analysis

  • Trade Creditor Negotiations/Restructurings

  • Equity Financing

  • Alliances & Joint Ventures

  • Business Valuations

  • Sales & Divestitures

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Bankruptcy Restructurings