The ALL CITIES RESOURCE GROUP is the Place Where You Learn How to Network… Make Money… and Gain New Friends

NETWORKING (v.): The interaction of an extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who remain in contact for mutual assistance and/or support. 


 “It became clear to me that business success, as success in life, is all about steps and relationships. Networking has become the cornerstone of my business, and my life.”


Excerpted from Championship Networking by Eric Shaw


The ALL CITIES RESOURCE GROUP is an organization of business networking groups that meet monthly throughout Southern California.


The ALL CITIES network of business men and women is related through a similar client base and through corporate finance. ALL CITIES is comprised of accountants, attorneys, bankers, consultants, investment bankers, lenders and mergers-and-acquisition firms.


There are two common denominators among members: First, all of our members' clients are manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and service companies. Second, all of our members' clients borrow money.

If you have clients who borrow money, you can find your clients a banker or lender through ALL CITIES. When your clients prepare financials to show their collateral to the bank, you can refer an accountant you've met through ALL CITIES to prepare them. Both before and after the transaction, your clients must have an attorney review their loan documents. You can refer your client to an attorney who is a member of ALL CITIES.


We call these "businesses links." These links are key advisors, defined as professionals who help characterize the financial position of their clients.


There are currently ten ALL CITIES networking groups. Eight business networking groups meet once a month in various locations in the Los Angeles area: Century City, Encino, downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Monica, west Los Angeles, Westlake Village and Woodland Hills. Additionally, the International Group-designed for members who specialize in business across the border or overseas (Mexico, the Pacific Rim, India, etc.)-meets in Los Angeles. The All Cities Media and Entertainment Group meets in Santa Monica.


The All Cities Media Group (ACMG) is the All Cities Resource Group’s entertainment network, comprised of bankers and lenders who finance motion picture and television projects, hedge fund managers, entertainment attorneys, accountants with a strong client base in the industry, motion picture production executives, motion picture distribution executives, radio and television executives and distributors. The goal of the ACMG is to maintain an organized collective with the intent of providing financial opportunities, in the form of referrals, jobs and partnerships among its members.

This group is for high-level executives who seek an ongoing quality networking environment with other professionals.