The "Rent-A-Credit Department"

The first thing New York Credit will do to improve your cash position and strengthen your company..

…is Reorganize Your Credit and Collections Infrastructure by:

  • Reviewing your customer accounts.

  • Establishing credit guidelines.

  • Identifying problem accounts and contacting them directly.

  • Defining and implementing collection procedures.

  • Managing charge backs and reconciliation.

  • Reviewing and consulting on all phases of sales, terms and policies.

  • Training in-house personnel.

  • Recommending and providing credit insurance, if necessary.

We also provide emergency service by phone,
so you can get help anytime you need it.

There's much more to managing your company’s credit operations than making a few collection calls. NEW YORK CREDIT uses a total approach to managing receivables that can increase cash flow, reduce bad debts, improve the quality of your receivables and give your business clout with the bank.

How Do You Know You Need Receivables Management?

Put your company to the test. Ask these 11 QUESTIONS OF CREDIT:

1. Do you find your cash flow becoming tighter each month?

2. Is it difficult to meet your payables on schedule?

3. Are your accounts receivables extended further than normal?

4. Is your credit department costing you more and getting you less?

5. Is your cost for money too high?

6. Is your bad debt ratio increasing?

7. Is your sales volume decreasing?

8. Do you find that your sales department is being alienated from your credit department?

9. Do you know your customer's current payment capabilities?

10. Do you know what credit insurance is?

11. Do you know how to properly select or use a collection agency?

The answers to 1 through 8 should be no. The answers to 9 through 11 should be yes. If you answered differently to any of these questions, 
it's time for NEW YORK CREDIT.

We’re Invisible to Your Customers and There are No Long-term Contracts


NEW YORK CREDIT is invisible to your customers. All our services are provided as part of your business—and we work under your name.


We make it easy to use NEW YORK CREDIT. All our services are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. Usually one day a week is all it takes to get your receivables under control. You pay only for the services you use. There are no long-term contracts. We stay as long as you need us, and you can terminate our relationship at any time...for any reason.

After an initial consultation, our Credit Specialist organizes and establishes an accounts receivable system that streamlines your collection process 

Reasons to Use NEW YORK CREDIT:


1. You’re not happy with your current credit department.
2. You’re a start-up company.
3. You need extra help while employees are on vacation or maternity leave.
4. You have no credit department


We provide the credit expertise you need 

to improve your cash position and strengthen your company.